…plus a quick gripe about IEEE style!

Here’s something to kick around: move all scholarly IS research, review, and publication online. We’re IS geeks; we ought to be able to use IS to optimize our own processes. (more…)


Prof asks for a simple summary of major issues in DSS research, as discussed in Arnott and Pervan (2005, 2008) and Shim et al. (2002), and I have to go off advocating wholesale destruction of an industry….

The above articles appear to point to three pressing issues in DSS research: relevance, relevance, and relevance. Technology and business are changing fast. The increasing accumulation of data and easy access to it mean that those entrepreneurs who have the tools and talent to sift through that data and translate it into knowledge and action will have a competitive advantage over those who don’t… or even those who do but do so more cautiously. While the academic careers of researchers may hinge upon articles that take five years to make the grueling journey from inception to acceptance and publication, five-year-old data for practitioners is often laughably obsolete. (more…)