Among the things I hate:

  1. IEEE style. I hate reading sentences like “Different approaches on word sense disambiguation are reviewed in [46].” Where’d the people go? And just try keeping your citations straight when you write a paper in IEEE. Add one new source whose lead author’s last name happens to start with A, and you have to go back through the entire paper and change all of your citation numbers. (I don’t care if you can automate the process with Word; a good research paper format should be workable manually.)
  2. PDFs… especially of papers in IEEE format. Columns never caught on in HTML; so why should I be stuck reading all these execrable two-column papers on my computer screen in inflexible PDF format? It’s guaranteed that a two-column journal page will never fit on my screen, so I’m stuck scrolling down and back up again through the whole paper. Annoying! Columnar format is an artifact of paper. I might as well be reading punch cards. Cut it out: I want all papers in single-column format. Better yet, I want them in HTML, so I can size the page whatever way I want, with nice fluid linebreaks.
  3. Ira Glass—just because I needed to complete the triple for literary effect. In radio for three decades, and he still mumbles. Aaaacckk!

I’m reading Purdue’s APA style tips, which Dr. Moran is all about in INFS 750. Here are some points that I need to pay special attention to, since either they diverge from my usual practice or I just have trouble remembering.

  1. In text, capitalize titles! Not just the first word of the title (and subtitle), but everything, per standard cap rules, the way I like it! (But in Refs, only journals get full title caps.) However, Dr. Moran prefers full title caps everywhere, in clear contravention of APA, since most of the journals to which he submits prefer full title caps.
  2. When capitalizing titles, capitalize all words four letters long or longer: Gone With the Wind.
  3. Precede page refs with “p.”: Lowery (2008) has called on “all who do justice and love mercy” to “say Amen” (p. 2).
  4. Commas if all together: (Lowery, 2008, p.2)
  5. Blockquote trigger: more than 40 words.
  6. In text three to five authors: identify all by name first time, then First et al.
  7. Six or more authors: that’s too damn many authors anyway. Cite in text as First et al. every time.
  8. Join two authors with and in text, ampersand in parenthetical cite.
  9. Footnotes and endnotes are frowned upon, “because they are often expensive for publishers to reproduce.”
  10. References: Do hanging indent! half-inch!
  11. Do not capitalize second word in hyphenated compound.
  12. No quote marks for article titles.
  13. Magazines and Newspapers: Jones, B. (2008, October 4).
  14. City: Publisher.
  15. Online sources: Retrieved Month Day, Year, from URL.
  16. Ditch he AND she for they. Just don’t even go there.
  17. Only senior scholars get to use first person. (In other words, first person is for God and minor deities, not you.)
  18. Active voice rules!
  19. Don’t rhyme or alliterate (really!).