…plus a quick gripe about IEEE style!

Here’s something to kick around: move all scholarly IS research, review, and publication online. We’re IS geeks; we ought to be able to use IS to optimize our own processes. (more…)


Here in three parts is the article review/presentation I prepared for INFS 834, Knowledge Management. Following the videos is the text of the original review text.

Part 1:


In class tonight, Dr. Deokar opens by inviting us to identify two or three seminal articles in the specific DSS areas we are interested in, bringing them to him, and whipping up a presentation to make in class on that topic. The idea: having each of us share our ideas with others will (a) broaden our horizons and (b) perhaps get other people interested in the same research area!

Now it wouldn’t necessarily be us presenting: we might just bring Dr. Deokar the articles, and he’ll do the heavy lifting in class, with our participation.

Note also: this is not Assignment 6, the April 22 presentation in class on our main research topic (I think… though I’ll admit, I’m not positive on that.)

[submitted via D2L to Dr. Moran, 2009.01.22]

So tell me if this will be a sufficiently meaty and relevant topic for class: I’d like to investigate municipal/community wireless networks. Aberdeen initiated a program last year to make their downtown one big public-access hotspot; it might be interesting to e-mail them (or even take a roadtrip!) to learn about their network and their experience with it. I could also add some background on the projects in San Francisco and Philadelphia, though I’d love to keep my focus on the feasiblity and advantages/disadvantages of such programs for rural South Dakota communities.

Municipal Wireless is my first choice, but if that doesn’t fulfill the requirements for the assignment, I do have a couple back-ups (rural broadband, impact of infrastructure stimulus; replacement of in-house networks with virtual/WiMAX). Let me know what works! Thanks!