Roddenberry had the wisdom to realize that ‘advanced’ didn’t mean ‘more complicated.’ He actually wanted things to be much simpler. So we took that to mean that it was cleaner, better user interfaces, fewer buttons, fewer things to learn how to operate.

—Michael Okuda, Star Trek production designer, in Chris Foreman, “How Star Trek Artists Imagined the iPad… 23 Years Ago,” 2010.08.09

James Bond, backseat driver:

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Some employers will use a combination of phone interviews and in-person interviews — maybe phone for the first round, then in-person for the best handful from that round. With webcams and other videoconferencing gear increasingly accessible, some employers are enhancing the remote interview by adding video to audio. Time offers this video on how to interview on Skype. See also the accompanying article.

The up side: no more worries about sweaty palms and B.O.!

The downside: you need to clean up the apartment.

So what do you think: would you rather interview in person or online?