DSU Model United Nations takes place Monday, March 1, 2010. Things to keep in mind:

  • Countries represented (and countries left to choose if you haven’t picked yours yet!)
  • The event is more fun when there’s a roughly even distribution of countries from different blocs (Eastern Europe has no reps right now: think about being the Russians! They have nukes!)
  • You should compose your video and speeches from the perspective of your country. This is role-playing: if you pick Russia, pretend you are Russian! You wouldn’t go to the UN and say, “Our government and economy are rife with corruption, and the international community needs to take action to prevent us from selling our nuclear weapons to rogue nations.” You would say, “Our government is taking steps to ensure honest enforcement of laws and protection of contract rights for all businesses and consumers. We can manage our military affairs without international interference.”
  • Issues of emphasis this year: environment, humanitarian and disaster relief, refugees, water. But as you research your country, if you discover issues outside these areas that are of vital importance to your country, feel free to write a resolution of your own on that topic!
  • Among other resources, check out the UN Global Issues page and the UN Millennium Goals reports.

Nuts and bolts:

  • Max speech time = 3 minutes. (Chair may cut that further to allow more speakers.)
  • You can serve in the press corps! Instead of representing a country, you follow the issues and prepare a 3-minute newscast, either on the outcomes specific issue debates or features on particular countries’ delegations.

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