• Andrea’s Adventures — Colonel Andrea Thompson, Harrisburg native, currently serving in Afghanistan; promoted by Joel Rosenthal
  • Cranium Creek — Mike, Pierre
  • Day in the Life of a Single Mormon — Carrie, Black Hills?
  • DrinkUpdate.com — Ben Hanten, Yankton: “Everything Cool in the World of Booze”
  • Granary Living — Heidi in Frederick; lots about renovating an old granary into a house
  • A Handful of Quietness — John Sundberg, Spearfish
  • In the Shelter of the Heart — Jennifer McNamara, SF, pit bull advocacy
  • The New Dorothy — Brooke, transplant from Kansas; DIY
  • Russ4Life — Russ works for KKCK, lists his Twitter location as Minnesota, but he writes here mostly about South Dakota.
  • Skol Vikes — Newt, Sioux Falls. Includes 5 Vikings blogs on blogroll, but also includes Knudson for Governor at top of links. Note that this blog is all Vikings, possibly no SD content
  • Smiling AnnaMarie — Brookings
  • South Dakota HS Football — one of several sports scoreboard blogs managed by Doug from Sioux Falls
  • tdaxp — by Dan, who indicates he is a South Dakotan. I’d categorize this one under Politics, as most of the content is political. But note that tdaxp  receives no mention or linking in posts that I can recall. He does appear in the blogroll at South Dakota Politics, and there are indications he was part of the SD Blog Alliance that advocated for Thune against Daschle in 2004. Dan also appears to have been the publisher of the Jim River Report, which went quiet in January 2008.
  • Thunder Butte — Mike Crowley, West River
  • Waste of Cyberspace — Hoby Brenner, Sioux Falls. “A place for info”; no apparent SD content

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