danah boyd takes her vacations as seriously as she takes lowercase letters. No blogging, no Twitter, and no e-mail. And she means no e-mail:

But the bigger issue is that I will return to a zero-inbox. Nothing sent to me during my email sabbatical will survive. All senders will receive a lovely bounce message saying that their message will never get through. In this way, no one can put things in my to-do queue while I’m trying to take a break. I need to recharge and there’s no way to recharge when the pile-up grows ever unmanageable [danah boyd, “NOTICE: Email sabbatical will start December 9,” apophenia, 2010.11.12].

Yes, she used all caps on notice. boyd really means it. And I’m with her. When you’re out of the office, you’re out of the office. You should retain the freedom to tell people that at certain times, you and your services and your attention simply aren’t available. Bounce those e-mails, shut off the voice messages, and enjoy your vacation, or just dinner and Scrabble with your family.