Robert Hawkins, senior education specialist at the World Bank, sees the following Top 10 Trends in ICT and Education for 2010. DSU majors in tech and ed, pay attention!

  1. mobile learning: walk and chew gum? piece of cake.
  2. cloud computing: smaller terminals, bigger world
  3. one-to-one computing: everyone will be packing!
  4. ubiquitous learning: does that render the term homework obsolete?
  5. gaming: how better to learn teamwork?
  6. personalized learning: tech helps us figure out where each student should start and deliver what each student is ready for
  7. redefinition of learning spaces: fewer big-box classrooms… more windows!
  8. teacher-generated open content: the lesson plan revolution will be wiki’d and blogged…
  9. smart portfolio assessment: …and so will student work, constantly updated and reviewed
  10. teacher managers/mentors: teachers move from font of knowledge to learning partner (Toby! this is it!). In other words, less “Here’s what you need to know” and more “Let’s figure out what we should know… and how we should find it!”