Kim Bartling, professor of communication studies and theater at the University of Sioux Falls, posts the blogs of her students in USF’s CST409 Theatre of Social Change:

In Sioux Falls:
In New York:

The course description:

This class will expose students to the critical issues and creative methods that lead to theatre of social change. Through research, writing and empirical exercises, the class will explore the connection between the artist and his/her community.

This J-term course fascinates me. It’s grounded in experience: students get out of the classroom to see and use theater as a means to understand and change the community. They use blogs to simultaneously reflect on their experiences and connect with the world they hope to affect through their learning.

Kim’s project appears to epitomize the sort of methodology Toby and I believe in, an approach to knowledge that values our personal experience yet always directs us outward to connect with the community. Kim’s use of blogs in this course puts her students’ learning in the spotlight, challenging them to analyze and explain their experiences in ways that will be valuable beyond the classroom, in ways that everyone of us can learn from.