We bloggers love to play with online toys. We believe a good blog or Facebook page or a nice peppy Twitter feed will work wonders on whatever business waves our magic wand.

New media Joanne Jacobs reminds us in no uncertain terms that social media advisors still have to know our business fundamentals:

…if you don’t know how to develop a strategy and a business plan and you can’t read a financial statement then you have no business giving advice about social media which claims success for a company, a product or even a region.  If you are planning a social media strategy or business, you are kidding yourself if you think your advice is separated from the costs associated with implementing your pearls of wisdom.  You’re a fraud.

So go out and learn to read and write these documents, or find someone who will do it for you, and learn enough to know whether the documents make sense.  Otherwise pack up and find another profession because you will fail [emphasis in original; Joanne Jacobs, “2010 and Social Media Advisors,” JoanneJacobs.net, 2009.12.30].

Better keep those project management textbooks on the shelf next to the HTML and Perl cookbooks!