covers some interview basics. Suits for all, focus on the job, and turn off your phone! No phone call is more important than getting the job.

Nervous? Try these three tips from Brian Krueger: prepare, practice…

…contract your abdominal muscles? Hmmm… I’m all for supporting your voice with the diaphragm, but exert those tummy muscles too much, and you might squeeze out something besides nervousness!

Nerves and adrenaline will make you fast and jumpy. This British video urges you to practice your control:

  1. Control the voice: be slow, steady and clear.
  2. Control your eyes: make solid, patient eye contact.
  3. Control your hands: use them, but deliberately.

You never know what an employer will ask… or do you? Some favorites almost always come up… so be ready for them!

And don’t forget to prep your own questions about the company. These job seekers offer some good examples of stock questions they take to job fairs… good material for interviews as well!