I haven’t taken a biology class since sophomore bio at MHS with Robert Miller (who as my cross-country coach once said I looked like a convict with my long hair and scraggly high school beard… and he was right!). But I love talking about the biology of speech. Guts! Mucus! Infection! Tremendous!

We covered the physical/anatomical side of public speaking Wednesday. If you missed it, get some notes! Review these diagrams of the human respiratory system and the human pharynx, and study up on how those various organs and tissues and spaces contribute to the process of human speech. And don’t forget the resonators and articulators!

Know and practice the various tips I gave you for keeping your voice healthy and optimally functioning. Breathe from the diaphragm, exercise, eat and drink right (ease off the coffee and shots), and for Pete’s sake, exhale when you lift!

Coming up: components of communication!