Thanks for coming to class, everyone! I hope you had as much fun as I did… especially when we got to getting D2L to talk to everyone! :-)

As I said, Friday, I will have an activity ready where I’ll ask each of you to give a brief impromptu speech on some semi-random topic. Don’t try preparing now; I’ll give you topics in class Friday. Just come prepared to stand up, speak up… and then to take a quick critique of your performance. (Consider checking out my general speech evaluation criteria!)

I know speech class is scarier than a typical English composition class. In comp, you write your paper in privacy, hand it in, and no one sees that you misspelled misspell or let spellcheck replace etcetera with excreta (I’ve seen that happen). In speech, everyone hears each time you say um. And I will call you on those ums and offer other critiques for everyone to hear. I may even ask you to critique each other’s speeches, out loud.

Please remember, when I ask for and offer critiques, I am not not not doing so to cause anyone any embarrassment. I am doing so to help you and everyone else learn more about speech communication and to get better. Think of speech class as basketball practice… and think of me as your coach. I’m asking you to shoot. if you make it, I’ll say, “Nice shootin’, Tex.” If you miss, I’ll point out what you did wrong so you and everyone else can learn to fix that problem and improve your percentage. Plus, I’m not cutting anyone from the team (well, unless you plagiarize!). I want everyone to shoot and score… and every one of you can!


O.K., quick review of what we covered today. Occasionally I’ll provide some notes like this, not as a replacement for coming to class, but just as a reminder for you (and for me!) of what we got through.

  1. Syllabus: It’s on D2L. You should download a copy, read it, and keep it handy for future reference.
  2. Speech as the most important class: Yup, I mean it.
  3. Five big speech assignments: Can you remember all five?
  4. D2L Quizzes: Be sure you download the Respondus Lockdown Browser and take the first quiz (“FirstDayRespondusTest”) with it by Friday 4:30 p.m. (If you need help, holler!)