In protest of Kevin Woster‘s and David Brooks’s calls for “a little more humility” from President Obama, I post without shame the announcement from the grad office that I passed comps!

We congratulate you on successfully completing all components of the comprehensive Examination. The objective of the D.Sc. comprehensive examination was to assess your knowledge of information systems literature, particularly in their area of your specialization and as well as your understanding of information systems research methods and ability to conduct research and evaluate research results. The comprehensive exam is a significant milestone towards determining your readiness to undertake independent research. The next step is to contact your advisor about your dissertation proposal, if you have not done so already.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance. Once again, we congratulate you on this milestone you have achieved.

Oral Comprehensive Exam Pass
Written Comprehensive Exam

INFS 805


INFS 810


INFS 815


INFS 830


INFS 834


INFS 838

Overall Comprehensive Results: Pass

[E-mail, DSU Grad Office, 2009.06.05]

Key phrase: “readiness to undertake independent research.” Let’s see just how independent we can make that dissertation.

Alas, no word on the score averages or distribution among all takers, or even feedback on just how skin-of-the-teeth my passing might have been on each section. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth… but (a) passing comps isn’t a gift, it’s earned, and (b) it would be helpful to see my responses picked apart so that I know that I know what I know… or at least what these scores quite generally say I know.