An open-book, open-note, open-Web exam isn’t really that tough, even a 63-hour written comprehensive doctoral exam.

Now we’re all sworn to secrecy–and really, you don’t need to swear me. You think I’m going to spill the beans so future students have it easier than I did? Even my embrace of transparency has its limits.

However, I would love to compare notes with those who’ve completed the test. And I think I can make a few observations without advantaging any future takers. Besides, as far as we know there may be a different set of exams each year… or for each person! (If I were dean, I would so do that.) So, some metrics:

  • Test received: Friday 5 p.m. Test submitted Monday 6:30 a.m.
  • My time to complete: 3 hours Friday, 10 hours Saturday, 7 hours Sunday. Formatting, proofreading, etc.: add 1.5 hours. Total time: 21.5 hours.
  • Bib: 31 refs
  • Word Counts:
    • Qual: 799
    • Quant: 1891
    • DRM: 2098
    • KM: 1625
    • DSS: 1114
    • DSS/KM Research: 2418
    • Total words (baloney?) generated: 9945
    • Words per hour: 497
    • Words per minute: 8 (they were really thoughtful words)
  • Favorite question: DSS/KM-R #4
  • Most onerous questions (tie): DSS/KM-R #1 and #2 (reaction on first reading: “Are you guys serious?!”)
  • Hardest question: Quant #6

So how’d you guys like the test? And is everyone excited for orals?!?