Rangarajan Parthasarathy, Jeen S. Lim, and Chenglei Huang, University of Toledo, “Impact of successful Six Sigma program implementation on  financial outcomes at a firm level”(Huang does the show)

Researchers find surprising gap in study of Six Sigma impact on financial performance, investigate hypotheses on greater impact of Six Sigma on larger orgs than smaller orgs in sales/financial performance, cost reductions, quality improvement, and improved customer perceptions

These guys propose to survey U.S. and int’l firms to test differences, also industry diffs. They seek to get results that motivate companies that have not yet adopted Six Sigma to do so… but I note that if they find significant large-small firm diffs, more small firms may be motivated not to adopt.

One questioner notes that Six Sigma is difficult to measure because of widely varying period of impact. He also notes that smaller firms lack the critical mass, the resources, to apply Six Sigma. They may also be applying Six Sigma not for financial or quality gain but just for competitiveness, perhaps just to brand itself.

Another questioner notes that many companies are doing Lean and Six Sigma so closely together that they are calling it Lean Sigma; the proposed study is looking just at Six; questioner notes some lit is saying Lean Six is the optimal approach; researchers should watch for that difference.