Abdullah Aldakhil and Mark A. Vonderembse, University of Toledo, “Relationship between Quality Management Practices and Knowledge Intergration and Its Impact on New Product Development Performance”

Quality Management processes: teamwork, employee participation, recognition/reward

Teamwork: completing tasks in groups.

  • Is that definition sufficient? Will the researchers find any firms where tasks are not completed in groups?

Lit review finds strong link of compensation with quality and customer satisfaction.

Knowledge Integration: gaining benefits of knowledge and creating competitive advantage. Transfer (across org boundaries), sharing (with indivs and teams at recipient site), assimilation, application.

March (1991): limited resources mean firm must balance exploration and exploitation

They see tacit and explicit knowledge both involved in new product development. Sensible.

Research Model: Teamwork, Employee Participation, and Recognition/Rewards all lead to Knowledge Integration (H1, H2, H3), which then leads to New Product Development (H4), which then leads to Firm Performance (H5)