Hey! Get that intermediate draft done! We better see at least 5 pages by Wednesday:

  1. Title and abstract
  2. ~1.5 page/couple parags intro:
    1. set up the problem (what’s the context?)
    2. hook the readers; don’t make ’em wait!
  3. ~2-3 pages literature review
  4. at least half a page of what you’re going to do about the problem!
  5. write in journal fashion, not magazine fashion! pay close attention to every sentence’s logical place in the argument
  6. support everything with sources (you’re a grad student: you won’t use too many references), but make sure those sources relate to what you are saying
  7. be “succinct yet meaningful”
  8. got writer’s block? Amit likes to look at3-4 model papers, see how they built their argument. He also goes for a walk or drive to think through the argument he’s after. (That’s funny: that’s how I avoid writing.)

So I wonder: can I jump ahead and hammer on design?

Deokar will be unavailable the 9th and 10th. I note with a wry grin that I will be unavailable the 6th and 7th.

Whew! And then I get to present on DSS (and a little KM) in e-government! Download the slides here, but if you want the audio, you’ll have to give me a call. ;-)