This could as easily go on CAH-HULK, but it’s more specific to the 838 project. Here’s the initial e-mail I sent to Dr. Deokar, seeking permission to pursue this topic for our semester paper assignment:

I’m considering possibilities for the semester research project for INFS 838. I’m focusing on the decision support side at the moment. I’m looking at building on the topic I worked on Dr. Sarnikar’s INFS 830 DSS class in Fall 2008: designing an online tool to support participatory budgeting, a public decision-making process. Attached is the draft I submitted for that course. I’d like to build on it with the following:

  • much heavier lit review and theory (since focus of project was definition of problem and design)
  • further review of material on participatory budgeting (most is overseas, very little in U.S., but I want to to keep looking for possible existing implementations);
  • development of a working online version;
  • expansion of the design and data to do multi-jurisdictional planning (city and county);
  • and maybe even some public trial runs (informal, of course, since I can’t get the city or county commissions to vote my research into legal force).

All systems go so far….