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Dr. Deokar’s areas of research interest:

  • business process management
  • collaboration process management
  • distributed decision suport systems
  • knowledge management applications
  • IT service design and management
  • semantic web technologies and applications
  • healthcare informatics
  • IS research methodologies

For the job hunt, you want a T-shaped (or umbrella-shaped) research profile: big core area, plus branching interests.

We hear a great deal about models, patterns for doing various jobs. Deokar reports on his research on models of work in virtual teams. Such work is very ad hoc, constitutes a very complicated environment. Key question: how to support collaboration? This question has not been answered. Blogs, wikis, forums, chat, etc. are all still very rudimentary, not well-structured, at least not by any uniform model that takes the burden off users to organize all their information. Deokar’s work (with Helquist, Kruse, Meservy, and Nunamaker) is trying to find the balance between creating a tool to help that collaboration and the work they have to do to organize with that tool. Deokar mentions Google Gadgets, maybe one that asks readers what they like and don’t like about an article they are reading on CNN.com, another that allows people to comment on other people’s comments. The goal: emergent information from all that activity.

Deokar mentions work with Dawn on training in collaboration patterns and processes. Their research would test whether that training improves collaboration.

Deokar and Sarnikar are working on knowledge-intensive tasks (as opposed to collaboration-intensive tasks), looking for a design-theory approach to develop KM systems to support these tasks. They are working on quantifying knowledge-intensiveness.

Other student topics:

  • Ruba: ontologies
  • Matt Wills: health informatics

Remember: research is almost always incremental. Expect no breakthroughs, especially not from grad students.

Brace yourself: assignment #2 may include some Deokar papers!