A student in CIS427 asks about posting a link to a journal article. He wonders if it’s o.k. to save a copy of an article from the Mundt Library research databases. I offer this reply:

Good to see you reading the journals! Journals are tricky for open Web use. I’m not an expert on copyright and fair use, but if the source is a regular academic article and your only access to it is through the DSU library database, then it’s a good bet that you can’t post the article in full on the open Web. “Fair use” allows you to post quotes from it, discuss it, offer the full citation, and even try offering a link to the original in library database. But full copies — probably naughty. (I’ve even been nervous about saving complete copies from the library to my hard drive, but I think in-house copies for research and teaching are o.k., as long as you’re not making a copy available for unrestricted public redistribution.)

Am I right?