[submitted via D2L to Dr. Moran, 2009.01.22]

So tell me if this will be a sufficiently meaty and relevant topic for class: I’d like to investigate municipal/community wireless networks. Aberdeen initiated a program last year to make their downtown one big public-access hotspot; it might be interesting to e-mail them (or even take a roadtrip!) to learn about their network and their experience with it. I could also add some background on the projects in San Francisco and Philadelphia, though I’d love to keep my focus on the feasiblity and advantages/disadvantages of such programs for rural South Dakota communities.

Municipal Wireless is my first choice, but if that doesn’t fulfill the requirements for the assignment, I do have a couple back-ups (rural broadband, impact of infrastructure stimulus; replacement of in-house networks with virtual/WiMAX). Let me know what works! Thanks!