Mark and I were talking about this last week Friday: we teachers always make spreadsheet lists of our students with their names, e-mails, and other info so we can do easy mail merges and other little administrative tasks. WebAdvisor and D2L both have all this information, but inexplicably, neither software offers a nice little “Export” button that would gives us this information in a nice .xls format. Or heck, forget .xls: we’d take .csv, .txt, anything! It’s not that hard!

But no. No Export button. (Developers, fix this.)

Now WebAdvisor does generate a nice printable classlist with student names, e-mails, etc. but for those of us who almost never use paper, WebAdvisor is still no help there, as the table it generates won’t copy and paste neatly into Excel, Word, or anywhere else. Someone in the department whipped up a quick macro to strip the script and allow a nice tabular copy and paste, but that macro only works if you copy from IE, not Firefox. Grrr.

At least I’ve found how to copy and paste a student roster with e-mails straight from D2L. I stumbled upon it once a couple weeks ago, then forgot where it was, then found it. Yahoo!

In D2L, go to Edit Course>Self-Registration. Up pops a table with the info we love. Copy, go to Excel, then Paste>Special>Text. Presto! Student roster, ready for mail merge and other monkey business.